Thursday, February 17, 2011

Can you hear the ocean?

Lets keep it rolling!! Straight from tropical colors and beches to shells! I was feeling a little lost with not making a card the last 2 projects so I had to make one! I dug into my cardstock and pulled out the colors I think best represented shells and ocean to me. I was thinking (again) bleaced wood and sea glass. So I just cut some random shapped pieces and then arranged them on a 6x6 inch sea blue card. I really like usising the unusual size of 6x6 inch. I toped it off with a pre-made shell sticker.


~*Cardstock in green, blue, wood and tan
~*Jolee's Boutique shell sticker from the 'Beach' set
~*Flourishes from Gypsy Font Cricut Cartridge

Can you hear the waves? Smell the ocean? I can!


Beach Bums!

Still fresh off my summer dreaming from last weeks project I couldnt wait to jump right into this weeks. I still had some scraps left over I could use and with part of this challenge we were asked to use the same colors as last week! Our mission, if we chose to accept, it was to make 2 layout pages 5 3/4 by 8 3/4 for a landscape photo with the inspiration of 'beach'. I had tropical beaches and flowers and bleached out wood in my mind for this one. I really had this one done in no time flat!

I cut my two pages and then added the place for the photo.

Layered it up with a few more colors.

Added in my flowers then embelished them with sequins and buttons. Dont forget the words 'Beach Bums' HA!

I think these would also make cute layouts to put in a picture frame!

~*scrap DCWV cardstock
~*misc cut flowers from different Cricut Cartridges
~*sequins and buttons
~*sticker letters

I can almost smell the coconut suntan oil and Pina Coladas...ahhhhhhh


Summer dreaming

Its like Christmas in July but more like summer in February in my house the last few days. We were asked to create something with the tropical colors of teal blue, hot pink, orange and lime green. I at first hauled out my card makin' goods and started to plan out a card. In the middle of my card planning process I stopped and said "Hey I got a better idea!". So I put away my card makings stuff (gasp, shock, drop mouth) and decided on making a fun album. We do tons of stuff durring the summer and I would love to make a little album with one picture from each month.

So I picked out my tropical colors

Planned out my pages on my Gypsy. That was a little harder. It took me almost 2 hours to plan out the letter s, u, m, m, e, r. I am not that well informed on how to use all the fancy Nancy things on my Gypsy so I took 2 rectangles and then welded them together to make one long skinny one and then welded my letters to the end.

I then cut my paper into 12x5 inch strips and put them on my mat and plugged my Gypsy into my Expresson and hit cut.

After they were cut they were all one lenght. I then layed them out staggered and made one cut. I collecyed up my scraps and drew out a template cardboard peatla thing and made 5 petal things, scored them in the centers and creased, distressed the sides and glued them together.

Found a nice premade flower with bling in the center and placed it on my cover. I clamped my album so I could make my holes for the ribbon binding.

Poked my ribbon through and tied it all up. I really love the way it turned out and cant wait to add my summer pictures to it :)

~*6 sheets of misc DCWV cardstock
~*Printing Press Cricut Cartridge
~*Misc ribbon


Monday, February 7, 2011

Wintery Delight

Have I ever told you how much I love snowflakes?! Ever? So you know I couldnt pass up an opportunity to use some in this weeks project. We were show a sweet picture of a sweet little one sitting in the snow wearing a great blue snowsuit and asked to create and be inspired by this pic. I went right into my paper and started looking for the 'just right' blue to use with my white. I got my Gypsy out (I love my Gypsy! How did I ever create before I had it?!) With it being Feb I really didnt want it to look too Christmas-y. So I tried to stick to the winter look being as tho we still have a few feet of snow here and this morning it was -4 outside :) I still look at this project and think it needs a little more...something...but when you have a deadline you dont get too much time to find out what that 'someting' is. We were super busy this week. I managed to get 3 birthday cards and 40 Valentines Day cards done! Like always we got a chance to get out doors and enjoy our beautiful state. This weekend was the Willow Winter Carnival and we were able to participate in the snowmachine Radar Runs. It is alot of fun to see how fast your machine can go in 1000 feet. They also had the dog pulls. Last we had seen there was a St. Bernard who had pulled over 1800 lbs. DANG! I wonder how much my little corgis could pull :D :D Well off to get my taxes done and work on my project for this week. ~*Jen*~


~*blue and white carstock from DCWV

~*Cricut Cartridges Winter Lace and Gypsy Font

~*a few misc gems and sequins