Thursday, December 16, 2010

A day in my life!!

The week is almost over yay!!! It's been a hectic one for sure! Monday
we took Ryder in for emergancy surgery at a Vet Specialist place in
Anchorage. He had a ruptured disc between T13 and L1. They went in and
removed the disc material in hope he would regain his abillity to
walk. We have been driving in every day to visit with him and are
scheduled to bring him home tomorrow. His temporary home will be a
kennel we borrowed from some friends for the 3 months or so it will
take him to heal. So far he has not tried to walk with his back legs.
Today they made him a special little sling to hoist up his rear. He
seemed a little more happy to see us today. I am sure he will be a
happy boy to come home and be with his family... even his brother
Gunner :D as for me I will be happy to have a day to sit at the house
and not have to go anywhere! I am ready to break out my Expression and
get my craft on! We were invited to go riding Sunday but I told DH to
go with out me. I am looking forward to the quiet time at the house.
As for everything else the weather has been chilly! In the single
digits with winds up to 70-80 mph. It blew all our new-ish snow away
so it's just icy and fridgid! Hot apple cider and soup weather! Well I
am off to relax. Enjoy you weekend!

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