Friday, November 12, 2010

Thanks card

Blah! Ever have one of those days when the 'word of the day' is blah. Thats today for me. Lol I know I have stuff to do but I dont wanna do it. Its Friday so I have art to teach and good thing I prepped all my art projects for the month or else the kids would be getting a white sheet of peper and I would be telling them to do what ever they want HA! You know, interesting fact about that, it really is funny to watch kids do art. Especially when you give them a sample piece. Some kids will try their hardest to copy yours. Some kids will see it and then make it their own some how and some look at their art and wonder if they were in the class when you gave directions. We had one kid a few years ago that every time no matter what the project was he would always just take his paper and scribble all over it. With paint, marker, crayon...didnt matter the medium. We would show the sample and then when we would pick his up it was just a scribble and he would say it looked just like the sample! One time we were painting scarecrows. All the kids had somewhat of a figure on their paper. Even if it was a stick figure. His....just a scrazy all over scribble. So my point (if I actually have one) is its funny to see how everyone can interpret their own meaning of art. I am always toting along my fabulous bag of creativity incase I ever get a moment. And I hear SO many people say "Oh I am just not crafty. I could never do that." And I wonder.....have they actually really ever tried? I could not imagine my life with out crafts!! Wow I just got really scared about that thought. No crafting EEKKKK Well for your visual pleasure I have for you a card I made for 2 wonderful girls who sent me some Unity Stamps. Havent tried them yet because honestly....stamping.....scares me. I want to try it!! Really I do! But I am worried that I just wont do it right. So I guess I just need to get with it and DO IT!! Hey BTW enjoy your weekend and be safe!


Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Hi Jen!
I got your beautiful Thank you card today! Thank you for the Thank you! LOL!
Don't be afraid to get inky! Practice, practice, practice. That's the only way you learn and get better!
Hugs to you!


LissaMarie said...
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Anonymous said...

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