Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We have snow and a medal!

Ok I know I am strange....really, really strange...even odd or more like unique...some say weird.....ok back on track here anyways I was totally thrilled to see snow yesterday when I woke up. I love the snow!!

Snowflakes are my 'thing'. I use them in all my Christmas cards and even have designed and sketched a tattoo I plan on getting soon with a snowflake.
(much better in person, the forget-me-not I want to be more realistic and the stars inside the stae I want to look like they are 3D like they are popping out and the shadow around the state and snowfalke is purple)
YAY FOR SNOW! Also my daughter finally got her medal!! Last month she ran in a Cross Country meet and out of over 130 girls got 3rd!! I was blown away!! #1 because I dont run. Well nix that I run when someone is chasing me and they usually have to be holding like a chainsaw or a butcher knife or be a bear or a mountain lion or a dog with rabies. And even then my moto is I only run faster then the slowest person :D :D In school I always 'forgot' my PE clothes on running day. So yah it is strange that she is such an avid runner. And #2 I told her on the way to the meet that morning I said "If you finish 1st I will buy you something" she said "Well what about 2nd or 3rd?" and me thinking (this is a super large meet, chances are she wont finish in the top 3) I said "yah ok 2nd or 3rd too" and as I am watching the finishers crest over the hill I see 1st place....then I see 2nd place...then I turn to my friend and say OMGoodness Alli is in 3rd!!! I was so happy for her! She placed 1st in her school but 3rd overall. So yah to make this long story a little shorter all they did at her school was give her a piece of card stock that said "Recognition of Completion for 2010 Cross Country Season" I was like WTC?!? Thats all she gets is a pat on the back. No "Roll out the red carpet and form a parade!! Our 3rd place WINNER is in the building!!" Or even no "Hey Alli did a great job getting 3rd"!! Not one mention!! So yesterday when she came home with her bronze medal I was so proud of her all over again and shocked. Its all engraved and everything. It of course came from the main committee that put together the meet and not from her school. So yay for snow and yay for a medal!!

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