Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ever since I can remember we have celebrated St. Pattys Day. My maternal Grandmother is from England and it was a big deal with her to celebrate the holiday. We were always dressed in not only green but orange. When I was a wee child my mum would make us corned beef, cabbage and green mashed potatoes. I have since carried on that tradition and I continue to make my kids the same meal! I even add a little bit-o-color (food coloring) to their apple juice or milk to turn it green. I was not about to let this holiday go by with out creating a fabulous craft to go along with it. Bobbi Jo asked me to come up with the challenge for this week so I said GREEN!! Create something green for St Pattys day and oh yah for a spin add newspaper or newsprint :D (I totally had this project in mind so I was kinda cheating but...shhhhhh....dont tell anyone...our secret ok?) I found this idea in one of my many hours spend browsing Etsy. I took the idea and made it my own! It took me a little bit to get the construction of it down but once I figured it out it was easy! I took down my 'Let It Snow' banner and hung this one proudly in its place. Have a wonderful St Pattys Day!!

~*green cardstock
~*an old newspaper
~*luck of the Irish ;)