Monday, April 18, 2011

A flowery wreath

I was so happy to be able to start/finish this weeks project because it was something I had origially started a few weeks back and had sat over in my craft corner staring at me and taunting me every time I had walked past it asking why I had not finished it yet. It really was a time consuming project because it was all hand cut and formed. I got the idea for this on the DCWV blog and they had displayed these flowers at their booth at CHA. The tutorial for that can be found here...

But I must warn you they take alot of time to make but I am sure your up for the challenge right?!

I traced this petal pattern to the back of my cardstock and started to cut them out. The circle is used as the center piece to glue the petals to.

Here is a few of the petals after I had started to fold them and wet them with water

Gluing the petals to form the flowers


~*DCWV cardstock

~*Black ribbon, tule and buttons

~*Paint brush for watering the backs of the petals

~*Time, lots of time


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BunnyFreak said...

It looks amazing; well worth the time. Do you know where you will display it?