Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Time for Love

Valentines is the time for love. Appreciating thoes that are close to you and thoes that are far away. What better way to express your feelings with a handmade card for your loved ones?! I just love to paper craft(as I have said many times)! I cant wait to make my projects as soon as they pop into my head. It usually takes me a full day to make just one card. I cant just slap some paper together and call it good. It is a representaion of my skills and talents and I want it to look great. I want that 'wow' factor! I made this card using some embossed paper I got over 2 years ago that has sat untouched. I think it turned out well. Of course there are always a few tings that I think I would change for next time but all in all I give it the stamp of approval! ~*Jen*~


~*black and white card stock

~*red rose embossed paper from Leaving Prints

~* misc heart cuts from my Cricut Cartridges worked up on my Gypsy

~*white lace and black yarn

~*Pink by Design stamp

I started out by picking my Valentines type colors and paper~

Planned out my cuts on my Gypsy~

Laid out my paper on my mats and cut~

Got a little paper doily for the envelope~

Filled it full of 'love'~

Put together my ribbon on my card~

Glued on a ribbon bow, the envelope and the greeting :D The result is a fun card to share with anyone!

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