Friday, October 22, 2010


Ok seriously how can you not have a good day when you get to go shopping for crafty stuff and come home with this. I am so excited to be able to sit down and make some sch~tuff. I hope my kids dont mind cooking, cleaning and bringing me coffee when I start to talk to the wall. HA HA HA kidding I will still take care of my kids....sometimes...and I dont talk to the wall...just the table... ;) Speaking of talking to walls I had this random thought today. My dog started barking at nothing. He was looking at the wall and barking. I then thought to myself....I said Self could you imagine what would happen to us if we acted like dogs. Like what if I just started to randomly yell at the wall or ate my poop or sniffed other peoples butts or tried to bite anyone who came close to my plate of food....I mean really!!! Think about it! I guess thats why we have the opposable thumbs. Just a thought.....

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