Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paper bag albums

Do you ever have that problem of saying 'no'? I seem to have that issue when it comes to crafts! A friend of mine was doing a birthday party for her little girl who was turning 10 on 10-10-10 and she wanted to have this big blow out of a party. She rented a limo and sent out the invites. She asked me for my opinion on other things she could do and I suggested mini scrapbooks for the girls. I did a little online searching for some fun ideas and I came across paper bag albums. I instantly fell in love with these. So I told my friend, I said "friend I will make these for you if you buy the stuff". Well weeks came and went and I never heard from friend. Well the Wednesday before the party friend called and said she had all the stuff for the albums. Mind you the party was on Friday...that means I had basically a day and a half to make 12 paper bag scrapbooks. I then rushed over to her house to collect the bounty and spent all day Thursday and I mean all day as in from 6 am to 12 am working on these albums. I guess one must understand my style of craft. I dont just do halfway jobs. I have to do it fully and it must look wonderful. Anyways so I spent all Thursday and half of Friday working on these books. OH YAH I forgot to put in the just say no part. While I was there picking up the book supplies she had bought some fleece to make a tie blaket for her daughter as a gift as well. She turns to me and says "Do you know how to make one of thoes tie fleece blankets, because I dont?" Then the words came from my mouth "Yes I sure do! Here let me do it!" UGH! So not only was I making books I was making a blanket all in a day and a half. OH and I forgot to mention I was also teaching my first art class on Friday to a class of 4th graders and had to prep my art papers AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. CRAZY! I was able to get the books done and to my liking, 30 art papers preped and blanket made all in a day and a half. I loved the paper bag albums and am planning on making them for the Grandparents this year for Christmas. :D