Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organizing begats organizing

Yah so Friday I got myself a bunch of card making stuff and I came home with these grand ideas of things I wanted to make. So I got out my card stock tote. Then I got out my card making stuff tote so I could put my stuff away. I realized two things; 1. I don't have room in my totes anymore for more stuff which means I need to graduate up to a craft area of sorts. I have been eyeing every nook and cranny of my house to find a good spot to build myself a little craft desk. Or I could just sell off one of my children then I would have a craft room! Ok back to thought one a craft desk area...I have picked out a few choice spots in my house and I guessed we will see what becomes of my ideas once I pass them through management (my husband). 2. I really needed to set up a better system of organization. If you know me then you will know I am a neat freak. I have been called OCD by almost everyone I know but I just smile and say 'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' :D So I ripped into my totes and started to organize. I separated paper by color and then into size. So like take purple I have my purple 12x12 and my purple 8x11. Then I have a box of chipboard items, jar of buttons, tin of ribbons, container of adhesives with me Helmar RIGHT ON TOP (I heart you Helmar ;D), bucket of glitters and so on and so on. The problem is now I don't have room to put all this stuff back into the totes they came out of. So for now I have them all in neat little boxes and jars sitting all nicely waiting for me to place them in a crafting area. Good new tho I did make 2 more pieces for my advent calender last night while watching Storm Chasers. And I got a chance to break open my Helmar (you complete me) Liquid Scrap Dots. This stuff rocks! Alright back to my coffee and getting dressed. I am heading up to help my uncle process the 2 caribou he got yesterday while hunting. Enjoy your Sunday!

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